[Sequoia Talk] Jiang Han x Xiaodun Mou: Turning Scissor into Pen, Base Editing Technology Leads Cell and Gene Therapy into Minimally Invasive Era

2022-10-12 18:41:20 Sequoiacap 72

Following the successful holding of the first science and technology event, Sequoia Talk series Forum medical event recently came to a successful conclusion. In the gene editing session, Mr. Jiang Han, Director & General Manager of Sequoia China, and Dr. Xiaodun Mou, CEO of CorrectSequence Therapeutics (Correctseq), presented a wonderful sharing of cutting-edge gene editing technologies and innovative treatment solutions with the theme of "Turning Scissor into Pen, Base Editing Leads Cell and Gene Therapy into Minimally Invasive Era". 

Over the past ten years, Sequoia China has built a professional medical investment team, which can better understand the language of scientists and the value behind life science and technology, so as to become the companion and supporter of entrepreneurs in medical and health care field, continue to support the development of domestic innovative enterprises in medical and health care field, and accompany the enterprises to grow from a seed to a towering tree.

As a biopharma company focusing on innovative gene editing technology, Correctseq, based on the independent IP Base Editing system represented by transformer Base Editor (tBE), has created multiple precise gene editing therapies for genetic diseases or rare diseases, exhibiting high editing efficiency, undetected off-target mutations in vivo. It has great clinical application value in the future medical and health care field.

From September to December, Sequoia China continues to hold Sequoia Talk series forums, discussing cutting-edge topics in the fields of science and technology, medical and health care, providing more communication opportunities and platforms for innovative entrepreneurs.

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Key Message:

Mr. Jiang Han, Director & General Manager of Sequoia China

Gene editing technology gives us the opportunity to change the genetic code of life, offering new hope for cures for millions of people who suffer from genetic diseases. On the one hand, we have seen the positive clinical effect of gene editing technology, on the other hand, we have also observed some challenges. We also need to continue to innovate in the gene editing field, continue to create and revolutionize gene editing methods, and develop safer and more effective therapies to help people living with serious diseases.

Dr. Xiaodun Mou, CEO of Correctseq

Gene editing technology is one of the most important technologies of life science in the 21st century, and the creation of gene editing tools allows us to edit and change our gene, and also give hope to cure genetic diseases.

Base Editing is a leap forward iteration of the CRISPR system. It can correct a single base error (known as point mutations) and induces precise base substitutions to achieve genome editing through combining two moieties, "effector" and "locator". 

If CRISPR/Cas9 is a scissor which needs cutting down the double strand of DNA for editing, Base Editing is just like a pen. It can correct point mutations while keep the integrity of the double strand of DNA. Therefore, it will not bring the activation of p53 pathway, chromosome abnormalities and other safety risks. It realizes "turning scissor into pen", but also ensure efficient editing and security. 

Base Editing technology has fundamentally solved the source problems such as large chromosome deletion and chromosomal translocation caused by DNA double-strand breaks caused by previous generations of gene editing technology. In clinical application, it has high safety and medicinal properties. A more concrete analogy is that Base Editing has transformed gene-editing from a risky open-heart operation into a simple and safe minimally invasive procedure, with precise editing and risk reduction. Base Editing therapy can truly achieve the "once treatment, lifetime cure" effect. 

Based on the independent IP base editing system represented by transformer Base Editor (tBE) and team with full experiences in R&D, CMC, quality and clinical, we are confident to help patients correct the gene and enlighten their future.

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