Dr. Xiaodun Mou Joins CorrectSequence Therapeutics as CEO

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CorrectSequence Therapeutics (Correctseq), founded in 2020, has announced the appointment of Dr. Xiaodun (Susan) Mou as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), in charge of general operation of the company. Correctseq is a cutting-edge biotechnology company leading the evolution of new gene editing technologies with a special focus on base editing for the permanent cure of genetic diseases to benefit global patients. Together with its accomplishments of series A financial raising, the opening of new research laboratories at Starthub Incubator in Shanghai Zhangjiang Innovation Center, the onboarding of Dr. Mou as CEO will drive the development of Correctseq to the new era. Dr. Mou will lead the clinical application of base editing technology, the expansion of therapeutic pipelines, the establishment of global standard CMC platform and the cGMP manufacturing of gene editing medicines. 


Introduction of Dr. Susan Mou

Before joining Correctseq, Dr. Susan Mou has established Microbial and Viral Platforms (MVP) in WuXi Biologics from 0 to over 500 employees as the Vice President in Biologics Development and Manufacturing and the Site Head of Hangzhou China. Varies of new modalities for therapeutical and preventive treatment like pDNA, enzyme, virus like particle, viral vectors and mRNA are under development in MVP for global patients now. During her 7 years stay with WuXi Biologics, Dr. Mou has also established and managed Quality Control, Global Project Management, Global Operation with special focus in Global Supply Chain as function head, and drove dozens of successful IND and BLA fillings for Innovators and Biosimilars in the US, EU, Australia, Singapore, Korea and China. Dr. Mou has also played a critical role in onsite inspection from global regulatory authorities (US FDA) for BLA approval to the first sterile biologics drug product made in China. Prior to WuXi Biologics, Dr. Mou gained her industrial experience as a senior scientist and project lead in Pfizer’s BioTherapeutics division (US) and as a principal scientist and analytical leader of new and enabling technologies and CMC leader for BioProcess Development in Merck (MSD US). Notably, Dr. Mou has been deeply involved in late-stage process optimization and characterization of Keytruda, which has been approved by US FDA as the first PD-1 antibody for immunotherapy. She has also made significant contribution to building up single-use high throughput process development and scale-up for biologics with unique online detection system. 

Dr. Mou obtained her bachelor’s degree at Fudan University and her Ph.D. in Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. During her 15 years industrial practice, Dr. Mou has been a key author of several scientific journal publications, and has delivered her research work in numerous professional conferences globally.

About Correctseq

Correctseq, founded in 2020, is a cutting-edge biotechnology company leading the evolution of new gene editing technologies with a special focus on base editing. The mission of Correctseq is to develop breakthrough therapies by providing precision medicine towards permanent cure of patients with metabolic diseases, rare diseases or cancer. A transformer base editor (tBE) with ultra-high editing precision, which was newly developed by the scientific co-founders of Correctseq, can induce permanent and intended change to a single base in DNA without triggering DNA double-strand breaks, or guide RNA (gRNA)-dependent or gRNA-independent off-target mutations at both genomic and transcriptomic levels. Pipelines of various therapeutic indications have been set up in ex vivo and in vivo platforms to benefit patients.

The new innovation harbor of Correctseq is located at Shanghai Zhangjiang Innovation Center, and is under full operation for discovery and CMC development. We are expanding team and facilitating best-in-class and first-in-class pipelines to clinical applications. Correctseq is calling for experienced talents from industry and academia with relevant experience to bring innovative medical solutions to global patients!

From Correctseq Scientific Founders: 

We think that the joining of Dr. Mou is a remarkable milestone in the development of Correctseq. Dr. Mou has tremendous experience in biotechnologies and biopharmaceuticals, and we truly believe Dr. Mou will lead the company to accelerate the clinical application with patented base editing technologies. We look forward to the rapid and healthy growth of Correctseq from a startup to a fully functional biopharmaceutical company with the combination of various resources including team building, pipeline CMC establishment, product quality control, clinical research initiation and global collaboration. We are more than happy to welcome Dr. Mou joining company as the CEO and will fully support her leadership in Correctseq. As the scientific founders, we will continuously focus on the development and application of new gene editing systems, so as to provide Correctseq innovative technologies to help global patients. 

From Correctseq Investors:

We welcome Dr. Mou joining Correctseq at this rapid growing stage of the company. We believe the “IP to IND” transformation could be realized under the leadership of Dr. Mou with her successful industrial experience. As long-term partners with Correctseq, we are excited to witness the cutting-edge gene editing technologies benefiting global patients in the near future. 

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