transformer Base Editor of Correctseq Wins the 19th People's Ingenuity Award

2022-12-30 18:06:14 Correctseq 45

The 2022 People's Financial Summit Forum, hosted by online, was held in Beijing on Dec 29. The winners of the 19th People's Ingenuity Award were officially released at the forum. transformer Base Editor (tBE), which is developed by the scientific co-founders of CorrectSequence Therapeutics (Correctseq), won the Ingenuity Award for its higher editing efficiency and better safety in the whole genome and whole transcriptome, and promising to completely cure single base genetic diseases. Correctseq also became the only biotech pharmaceutical company to receive this award.


tBE is authorized by USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) formally in July 2022. It’s the Chinese first base editing tool authorized by overseas patents. Correctseq is currently translating the technology into clinical applications, based on base editing system represented by tBE building a new drug discovery platform integrating multiple therapeutic fields, as well as a target screening, Pre-IND and CMC platform in line with international drug regulatory standards, and successfully establishing and expressing tBE with suitable molecular types and complete CMC processesBoth ex vivo cell editing and in vivo delivery (LNP and AAV) have been studied in animals, and their safety and efficacy have been verified.


    tBEtransformer Base Editorof Correctseq 

Correctseq is using tBE to advance multiple pipelines for genetic diseases, tumor immunotherapy, metabolic diseases, and infectious diseases. The first IND pipeline is for thalassemia, using tBE to create a new precise base editing therapy. The clinical applications of base editing technology will begin with genetic and rare diseases and expand to non-genetic and common diseases to benefit patients around the world as soon as possible.

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